The Company

A big establishment behind its success

Jijil is a total look fashion brand for women and girls launched in 2012 by the D.G Group based in Andria, Apulia, an area that sets forth great creativity through innovative proposals.

It all began 30 years ago essentially as a manufacturing organization with clear and well defined business aspirations. The acquisition of licences from honourable Italian “griffes” and the launch of the multi-brand retail project developed on the franchising model, highlight the ambition to confront directly with the market and, at the same time, define the company high qualitative and productive standards.

Production and services

Every principal procedure and manufacture is rigorously made in Italy and comes to life in the company headquarter, a building of recent construction of over 5.000 sqm. It’s a modern and cutting-edge structure with more than 50 direct employees that globally reach 500 units distributed among labs, dry-cleaner’s services, offices and logistic. Each element is strategically organised with the aim of developing efficient networks among the wards and with the purpose of prompting proposing operative solutions to the growing and highly demanding market requirements.

Innovation, planning and promptitude. These are the key words that best represent the company conduct. Highly qualified and skilled personnel operates the most advanced management software and state-of-the-art machineries. With time, investments brought us to shape a complete and modern institution, with a logistic internal platform committed to optimize processes and reduce manufacture waste and also pledged to offer a more and more comfortable and functional workplace.


Fashion lines

Two fashion lines constitute the women collection offer package: Jijil and Jijil Couture. Instead, only one line for girls: Jijil Jolie. Jijil Les Hommes, men’s wear, completes the offer.

Total look that mixes fashion and casual, always guided by the attention for details. The sweatshirt is enriched by jewel-like appliqué, studs, all-over prints. Everything is tailored according to the brand constructions that express the brand DNA. The line Best sell is the unstructured suit, the item that, more than anything, has made the brand popular in the market. A new style vision that gives a nice touch to the everyday look and also to complete the range: skirts, trousers, jackets and coats, shorts and t-shirts.

Italian Market

Sales outlets

Jijil market plays a key role in the national fashion industry. Around 1000 sales outlets broken down according to Jijil/Jijil Couture (550 pdv), Jijil Jolie (250 pdv) e Jijil Les Hommes (180 pdv) lines, are spread out in each Italian region. Two main single branding: the first one in the company headquarter in Andria, Apulia, and the second one in Florence which is a symbolic location for the made in Italy and is located in the historic centre of one of the cities in which fashion stands for luxury and exclusivity.

The figures speak for themselves, in particular the constant turnover increase that since 2012 has registered a constant and significant growth. A particularly positive trend divided between the women line that grows around 80% of the whole volume and the girl line that develops the remaining 20%. The data becomes righteous when you examine the pre-sales sell-out performance that is over 80% and the after-sales performance reaches 90%.

International Market

Since 2013, in fact, the brand has been exported abroad thanks to a series of important business deals in partnership with agencies and worldwide distributors. The figures are exorbitant: 20% of the brand total turnover is developed abroad, equally distributed between EU(10%) and EEC (10%), for a total of around 300 showcases in the world.

The markets’ choice is very precise and in included in an articulated development plan that takes account of the company productive assets and the business dynamics that regulate all different stocks.

Communication and Marketing

Every year, important investments are destined for the study and the activation of marketing and communication strategies in order to consolidate the brand popularity and overriding the brand image. With partner structures and field professionals support, the company draws up B2B plans and solutions to support the sales network and B2C targeted at the final user such as: poster campaign in main Italian and foreign cities, channelling on the most important national and international newspapers and magazines, photo shooting and catalogues, media relations, PR and editorial activities and endorsement procedures.

Obviously, we cannot miss fairs, important meeting points with international partners and market confrontation and also stands and external events; every exhibition is faced with a starring role.


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